Saturday, January 30, 2010

Me Thinks I Like This Color

Such soothing colors! 
I was wandering around, my house, trying to find an inspirational color to 
paint one of my Vintage Moon Boys.  In the realm of fantasy I can choose
any color I want, I know this!  Yet I needed a push.
I started to notice that throughout my home that I have a lot of
the cool blue green colors of the ocean...different hues, hinting to 
my subconscious that I must have a desire to sit upon the sand and
watch the waves ebb and flow.
The color was there everywhere I turned.

It's the glass, the hue that the light is picking up in the glass.
It is truly one of my favorite colors.  
So it's no wonder that I very nearly always paint 
my Vintage Moon Boys,
this color!
Sea glass color!

I think that I shall sit by the waters edge and watch the world go by....

Monday, January 25, 2010

One World One Heart Giveaway!

Welcome to my giveaway for One World One Heart.
The World is Magical, and there are many exciting places to explore.
So hop on the carpet and take a ride.
I am offering this original painting for the Magical giveaway.
My carpet ride took me to a quiet tropical river. I absorbed the
beauty of all around me, and was inspired to paint.

This bold and vivid painting, measures 8" x 8" and is painted with acrylics on
a wrap around gallery canvas.  It's a fun and magical piece and will remind you
of one of the places you visited on your Magical Carpet Ride.

All you have to do is leave a comment with a link or an email address
where I can reach you.  I will take comments until 12:00 midnight on the 12th, of February.
On the 15th of February, I will contact the winner.  I will collect all
the ticket stubs from the riders who stopped at,
Pearl Avenue Studios, and will generate a random count.  If
there is no response from the winner, I'll choose the next in line.

Thanks for hopping on the carpet and stopping by,
and I hope you enjoy your Magical Carpet Ride.

Many many thanks to Lisa.
Your Magic Carpet is an amazing ride!

Magical Holiday Artists is having a group giveaway
for One World One Heart!

has gathered some wonderful artwork.
Pop on over for a chance to win one basket full of goodies!

Comments now closed!
Thank you  

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Giddy with Anticipation!

Look what came in the mail!
It arrived from The French Larkspur, 4 days ago.
I was so excited,

Dare I open it?
No, I couldn't, I had to wait,
because look how pretty it's wrapped!

When I opened the envelope,  little paper confetti birds came fluttering  out.
Delicately and lightly spreading there wings as they glided to the floor.
As I held my precious package,
all else in the world came to a stand still until each and every
feathered friend was accounted for.

But the anticipation was overwhelming!
Slowly I slip off the pretty ribbon and tag, that held
an old page.

I'll never know what book it came from,
unless I learn the French language.  It's beautiful!

I tear the tissue and get a peek....I'm actually giddy!

My publication of Jeanne d' Arc Living, Magazine.
Yes, all this giddiness was over a Magazine.
I have been after this publication for months. 
They are hard to get your hands on, selling out
from shopkeepers as soon as they get them. 
The style of this Danish publication will take your breath away.
It's white on white, with everything you love. Everything!
And after I cuddle up on the sofa and slowly absorb every page,
I'll take some photos and share the pages,
of something that makes me frivolously happy.
After all, the reason I wanted this magazine was because I needed
inspiration to finish,

My dining room is getting a makeover...don't mind the mess...
the electrician made it, but I'll have to clean up after him.
This is one of the last rooms to be rewired, and then this 110 year
old house will no longer have the old  paper wrapped wire hidden
in the walls and rafters.
I'm Just Giddy!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

White Out!

It's been quiet the last few days.  I've been putting Christmas away, and organizing my studio.
Which is still a mess!  While going through all the paints, papers and what nots, and trying to decide if
I need this, or do I keep that...knowing if I get rid of "it", I'll be looking for it months down the road.
So, keep, yes, maybe keep, yes!
I finally organized all my projects into piles, and in between this, great cleaning task,  I'm working on 3 different watercolor paintings.  I run downstairs, check on the paper maches drying on the radiator, run down to the basement, cut some boards, (working on chalk boards), run back get the idea!  Hope so, because I've worked myself into a frenzy, to many things going on in my head that I want to finish.
I did stop.  But, I picked up the camera and started snapping away.  I always get perspective when I see my home through the lenses.  I pick up the nitty gritty of the mess and the camera never lies.  I can see right away where I need to clean or touch up.
Ah, now I have a plan.  I always have a plan.
The maches will go through the last stages before painting.
I'll finish the watercolors,
I'll neatly stack my papers and reference books.
I'll clean off my 5x8 work table, (amazing how I can work in a 2 ft. area, because there is so much stuff on that big space.) !

I did stop to enjoy the White Out!

Out side and inside!
...and then I need to strip down these chairs and reupholster them for a good
client.  She trudged them all the way down from Kansas City, in the snow!

Oh I'll be busy, but I won't over do!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Time to Go!

It was so pretty!
But as with all things, this too must pass.
It's always very hard for me to toss the tree out, after I un-decorate it.
Maybe I don't want to let go of what it represented. 
I worked hard to make it beautiful, each ornament in it's place, the twinkling lights
dancing back and forth, like little pixie fairies hiding in the branches...oh  well!
But I'm not throwing it out, I created it, and it is now logged in that part of my mind
where memories are forever kept.
So it's not out with the old, it's on with the new!

Happy New Year!
Be blessed in all!