Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Brain On Blog!!!!!!

Fade to Black!
Oh, you don't see anything?
That's because, after losing the images on my blog, (thanks to hosting night-mares),
I ventured into the land of HTML!
Now let me tell ya, I'm not a '' type of brain.
This stuff if right up there with algebra for me...though eventually I know
I would have figured it out, but I'm the '//www.type./ that has to have an
answer first, then work my way backwards to figure out how the answer got there in the first place!
Make sense?
Just the way I'm wired.
Now to me, since I lost the images, I felt my blog was broken.
It was in limbo. Unfinished!
And that really bothered me.
It was the first time I didn't want anyone to pop in, and see what a mess I had.
So I spent most of the day, reading, researching codes, HTML's,
the inner workings, the guts of  a formula.
The more I absorbed, the more my head swelled, (left-side only).
My eye started twitching, (left one), and I felt the throbbing of
knowledge trying to penetrate into the jumbled mass of what is
suppose to be my brain.   

But thanks a beautiful wonderful Queen,..who flew in with her broom,
and swept away the webs that were weaving my brain in a tight cocoon,
I'm able to see there is light at the end of the blog.
Thanks Gourdie!
And darn it, I will go back and learn some of this stuff.
I will!

Be Well!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Home.....!

I'm home, but I'd bet you didn't even know I was gone.
I ran down...okay drove down, to Texas to help my Son and Daughter-In-Law, 
move into their new house.
In it's self , it wasn't a fun trip! Moving never is.  You just want to get it DONE!
So it went from this pretty clean kitchen, to...
What to do?  Lots'!
Guess who got to unpack most of this?
While my Daughter-In-Law, and my Husband went to get the cats, (that's another story, oh believe me! ).
I got to figure out where to put everything, knowing all along after I leave, that my Son and DIL will have to
organize and put things away, to their preference.  That's okay, I know they have to live in
the house and acclimate their everyday routine to feel comfortable with the flow.  
It did help, to have friends and chocolate wine!
After  a long day,  of loading and un-loading, it was time to feed those who helped.
 Food, wine, laughter and love...Here's to those who wish us well, and the rest of you can go to
Pittsburgh! (Please note, I have nothing against Pittsburgh, it's just a quote from a W.C. Fields, joke
that sticks in my head!). 
Good times!
Now, I'm home, and am anxious to create, and catch up on four days of seeing and reading what
yall' (Texas twang, because I met friend of my DIL  and Son, who, gave me great pleasure just listening to her accent, ) have been up to!
 Really, I hope that made sense!
Be well!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Staring into space!

You know when you have deadlines, no 15 day grace periods, no window, options?
The rush of completing commissioned work  without compromising the quality, can 
mentally drain the brain! (ex-neigh in the brain-neigh ). In the past two days I have been
working non stop.  I finished the rabbit, and a table that I  refinished  for a good customer.
The table is what drained me, I had to strip away layers of gawdy, mustard yellow paint, off a once
beautiful table. You'll be happy to know it is once again a beautiful table. The reason I'm drainded 
is because the customer called on Monday saying she would pick it up on's my own 
fault though. I once again procrastinated!  Another lesson, one I battle with quite often.  I woke up
this morning and told myself, "you will have this table finished by 3:30 pm. ".  I was off by 30 minutes!

It was time to eat!

And then, I sat down and the adrenalin rush was over.
I stared into 

That blank lifeless stare.  It lasted a good 15 minutes before I came back.
And by the way,  buffing the table by hand with paste good for "Buff" arms!
Now I'm going to put some life into that blank empty blank stare.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I've got to Hurry on this...I'm already Late getting it finished!!!!!

I was supposed to have this finished already!

But a tailor fit, takes time, right?

Is he trying to tell me I'm Late?

Fortunately the person who ordered this is very understanding, 
and for that I'm very grateful.
So back to work I go, before I hear a shout of, 
"Off with your head"!