Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Winter Gift...

I just want to share...little bit of tranquility.

took time out of her very busy life, to 
send me this beautiful photo.  I had asked for another, and
she showed me this was mine!
It spoke to me.

Her photos are peaceful and always calm my brain.

I stand at the top of this slope and feel the huge
quiet enfold me.  The cold movement of water, warms me.
The soughing breeze,  catching in the trees branches,  
whisper soothingly.
The light, dancing  everywhere, everywhere.

I had it matted and framed today. I chose white on white.

It worked for me.

My many thanks, Theresa.

Friday, January 14, 2011



In my cleaning process, I've discovered the hoard 
of treasures and pretties. The things we all keep knowing we'll
use them one day.
When I found these red velvet clusters of grapes,

I knew I had to use them, like right now!


The stems and base are paper wrapped wire and glue.

Now I'll just dress them up...don't know with what,
but I'll find something!
Maybe there's Room for a Mushie Valentine tag!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4th Day Wasted?

I've wasted nearly all day looking for something,
which is an old fairy tale book with great illustrations...
because I want a visual of "Puss n' Boots"
to sculpt.
Now I know I have a good imagination, but I keep
picturing the one in Shriek, which leads me to Donkey!
The one I'm after is Old and Victorian.
I decided to give up and wait for it to pop in front of my face,
and go to the next project...can't find that one either!
In my hurried, keep track of this I'm going to need it soon,  I know
I put both books together, in a safe little nook, which most likely
is covered with bolts of fabric! Or under the wrapping paper?
It was time to clean, and you all know I've been putting that off.
I did find this card I bought eons ago,
it's giving me great inspiration for Valentines!
See how I get side-tracked!