Monday, August 22, 2011

Mary Janes and...

Oh, I know, these aren't Mary Jane's!
But i snagged these sandals for $8.00!
Couldn't pass them up!
(I guess I should have painted my toes)!

And the Mary Jane's!
Need I say More?

Also, while on vacation, I stopped in a touristy gift shop,
and fell in love with this butter balm!
It smells soooooooooooo good!
Pink grapefruit with mint and lavender, 
and it makes my skin so soft!
You can check out the site here.

Okay, back to work!
I've been trying to get some Halloween sculpts finished,
but my hands took over and I sculpted
my first snowman!
Yeah, in this heat!

Have a Good one!
Be Well!


Heather H. said...

Love the shoes.. Sounds like you had a great vacation..I need One!!! I see you made a snowman??? I am trying to focus on Halloween and now you have me wishing I was making snowmen!!!LOL
Happy Creating......

Creative Wings said...

oh how i luv maryjanes ......
hope u enjoyed ur vaca

In the Light of the Moon said...

Isnt it lovely when your hands take over!!Love the far..heehee..Love the sandles too!!Hugs,Cat

Malissa said...

Love the sandals! And I wait every year for the Mary Janes to come out...They are my favorite "only at Halloween" candy!

Malissa said...

oh, and I can't wait to see your cute snowman finished!

Sassy Marsha said...

Love the sandals and what a bargain!! Hmmmm, mint and lavender . . .

I wish all my junk lovin' blogger pals lived near me so we could drives together!!

Today I did stop off and picked up this cabinet door that was tossed out for the dump heap. When I got home I realized it was warped but I'm sure it can be fixed!! I have lots of visions for it!!!


P.S. My word verification is relate LMAO

Cobblestone Creations said...

Darling shoes ~ but I want to know what you're standing on! Very lux! And it's NEVER too early for snowmen. ;)

yoborobo said...

Love those sandals - they look cute on your feet! :) And I do not need any more candy addictions!! I'm trying to get some Halloween pieces finished, but my brain melted somewhere in July and it has reformed yet. xox! Pam

maddyrose said...

I so need a vacation! Now that's out of my system, I love the shoes and snowmen are number one on my list today. It's really warm and muggy and a little snow would be most welcome.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I LOVE those shoes!

I can't wait to see the snowman finished!!


Liz Revit said...

Love the sandals! Sounds like vacation was a blast.

JDConwell said...

A girl can never have too many shoes. The candies made me homesick for my childhood. And snowmen in this heat? OF COURSE! Makes all kinds of sense, if you ask me. :~P

magikalseasons said...

Great score on the sandals. Great to see your snowman I can see his cutness already!

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Cute sandals Lisa! Loving the snowman...he looks good just the way he is but I know you have more magic in store for him!

June said...

LOVE your sandals Lisa! Looks like you are spending your Summer days well.
It will be great to see what you create for Halloween...but I love the snowman and also am excited to see what you will be doing for Christmas.
So happy to see you came by. Don't give up on the sweet peas!
hugs from here...

Faerie Moon Creations said...

So glad you had a lovely vacation. Those sandals are adorable! I can't wait for fall - looking forward to Halloween!