Friday, December 25, 2009

The Gift

I received the gift of remembering, and knowing.
My gift came several years ago, but I was reminded by Sarah, a few days ago.  She sent good will to her friend, Renee.  
We all link to blogs, read a bit and go on.  But Renee, hit a sore spot. Renee gave me goose-bumps.  Renee, made me remember.  So in turn, Sarah and Renee, gave me a gift.
Let Fly!
So here is my gift.
 I haven't told many, about what I experienced.  It was mine to know.  And it's what I believe.
11 years and 2 months ago, my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myloma. It's a cancer that develops through the bone marrow. (a gift from his stint in Vietnam and  agent orange). Our world as we knew it changed forever.  When Richard, (husband), found out, he was devastated. At that time he was told  that there wasn't a lot they could do besides chemo and radiation.  Big whoop! He was given 18 months.  And I thought, how dare they tell him that. That is not going to happen.
My husband, had said to me, "what if it is all that I have left to live?" And all I could tell him was, "well it will be the best 18 months you will ever have".  I wanted him to know that he had to think he had a million years ahead of him.  He had to Know!
We got through the first round and the second round...etc.that lasted a year, we even left home and lived in a sterile  hospital room for 3 months.  He had a bone marrow transplant that WORKED!  Of course, there was daily and monthly  treatments to keep his cancer repressed, but he was living again.
I always believed and always asked, to keep my husband strong and healthy and safe.  But, to whom am I asking? 

I am not a highly religious person, but I've always believed in the power.  It was this power within me that helped us get through this change in our lives.  I asked for guidance and strength, but from where? Heck if I know, I just knew, I believed. If I could take on his or anyone's burden I'd do it in a flash.   But let me get to the nitty gritty of the gift I received, with another slight detour.   My husbands, Mother was a very gifted soul.
We had our ins and outs, me being the "daughter-in-law"... I wasn't taking her son away.  We became very close through out the years,  after we stopped competing for the love of one human being.
6 years after my husbands transplant, the cancer started moving again. While dealing with this, my mother-in-law passed away.  It was totaly unexpected and I didn't know how my husband would handle it.  He did okay, I was the one who went  bonkers.  Who was I going to confide in, who could I talk about the things we studied, the spirtuality, the path of our lives?  I truly loved her.
 Two weeks after her passing I asked for a healing for my husband, I didn't ask for guidance or an orpportunity.  I was adament, I wanted a healing...that's what I got.
I went to sleep telling not asking!
I felt myself awaking, like I had to get up, and as I turned over to get up, I heard a voice in my mind,  don't open your physical eyes, watch and listen..I envisoned my eyes opening, but yet they were closed.    The air around me went quiet.  I felt the stillness.  The sounds of the outside world went still.  Yet I felt an air of silence.  It's a feeling, just a feeling.  My body was turned on it's side facing the door of my bedroom and then I felt the presence of an overwhelming light.  In my minds eye I saw the precesion of the High Holy Healers enter, into my bedroom, with an amber glow like candle light.  They were led by my Mother-in-law.  I only knew it was her because of her small height.  Yet just a feeling.  Knowing.  She was clothed in a white gown of simple cotton, how do I know, I don't, I just know.  She is followed by the 3 Holy men.  How do I know, I just know. I know they are there to guide her to heal.  I know they are the High Holy Healers.  The air has a scent of insense, I hear the chanting in Latin.  I know.  But how do I know?  I see them wave their hands over my husband, speaking, chanting, blessing.  I see my Mother-in-law look directly into my eyes, she doesn't say a physical word, but I hear her speak the words.  "I am a healer now! I simply am.".
I knew in that very monmet that my husband was healed of that particular cancer.  I knew it with my whole being.  I also knew that she came as a healer and not as the Mother, that he knew. I felt that the High Holy Healers were there to guide her in her first healing, I just believed.   And in that knowing, I learned that the power of my thought brought the healing of light and unconditional love.  I just know.
A light in someones eye, a smile, the mention of a friend in a blog post, that touches someones spirtit.
A gift.
We are many, we are one!
Merry Christmas

Shhh sleep now!


avagdro said...

Thank you Lisa for sharing.Wish you a tremendous joyful Merry Christmas.

Keep Smiling!
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Dede said...

Lisa this is a beautiful and very inspiring post. Thank you so much for sharing. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


Lisa said...

Thanks Dede, and I hope you had a very beautiful Christmas, all things good and abundant for the new year.

Hugs to you, Lisa

magikalseasons said...

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for sharing this gift with us! :)

aBohemianMarket said...

WOW!!! How awesome your words are; perhaps you are an oral historian. I am awed.
"the power of my thought brought the healing of light and unconditional love"
Words that will stay with me.
Thank you for sharing!!!

Lisa said...

Carole, it didn't occur to me that those words were so powerful! Thank you so very very much!

BellaLunaArts said...

Thank you so much for your beautifully inspiring Post.It's late here and for some reason I just happened upon this post this night.You have reminded me that we can not underestimate the power of our thoughts or of our God. Thank you for that. Blessings for the New Year, Bridgette :)

Lisa said...

Bridgette, you are so very welcome.

JUNE said...

Thank you for sharing this with felt like it was for me...I don't have cancer, I just have doubt and fear, and you just gave me hope...

Suzie said...

Lisa, I missed this when you posted it. I didn't have a lot of computer time, but I'm rather glad that I did, because now I'm able to read it and re-read it at my leisure, absorbing all that you shared.

That is a very powerful experience you had, and indeed a very special gift. You are blessed.

Thank you so much for directing me here. I felt what you felt, and now it makes my heart sing!

Big Hugs!