Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ford Tuff with Hugs and Kisses

 Happy Valentines Day!

Hugs and Kisses, with an old tire iron and Ford Hubcap.
Have a Sweet Day!...Chocolate! And lots of Love.

Just a reminder, I will spin the wheel and pick a winner for
One World One Heart, tonight!
I will post the winner tomorrow!
It's been a wonderful trip, I've gained
many new friends along the way, and I'd like to thank
everyone, who stopped by and left a comment.
I wish you all luck!


priti.lisa said...

How flippin' creative is this photo!
My son would have liked getting a Valentine like this!
xox, Lisa

Lisa said...

Thanks, would have looked good on an old piece of barn door and maybe a red background, but it was just an impulse last night.

Tracey said...

Too it!!

Hope you had a great Valentine's!

:) T

p.s. yes, the walls in my dining room are a blueish color (sometimes looks grey or even pale green...we painted them over 5 years ago when we moved in)...and the settings on the camera that I played around with are the "F" number and the AV +/-

Lisa said...

Thanks,T, now I can play around with my camera settings...yeah, who knew!

Dede said...

This is just to cute! Had to show this to my husband. My son loves it! A Valentine's card in the making.


Lisa said...

It's different