Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Heart I Hold Dear!!!!

I'm sculpting hands tonight!
                          As I was waiting for the 
spidery, long fingers to dry, I started cleaning a cupboard out and 
discovered a container full of odds and ends.  Actually treasures...tucked 
away for safe keeping.
Now most, would say it's just a rock! But, it's a rock I hold dear.
When my grandson was  young, he'd collect
anything he saw that caught his eye. Many times his pockets were full of
bottle caps, shinny foil gum wrappers, sticks...and puppy dog tails.
Anything that most of us
would call garbage. These objects were treasures to him.
One day, he said, "Honey, Honey look what I found!"
He came running to me and held his hand out to me, and said, "hold this for me".
He handed me this heart shaped rock, and I've been holding 
his heart tight, and I always will!

...and in the quiet stillness between sleep and wakefulness, I hear, and I remember.


Dede said...

I still love my little box of treasures. Every item in the box has a story from one of the kids or grandkids.


magikalseasons said...

That is really sweet! What a little treasure! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks so much, Becca, and Dede, half my storage containers are full of kids!

In the Light of the Moon said...

You sure no how to make a girl tear up..Such a treasure.Warmest Regards,Cat

Gourdqueen said...

They're only babies once, we all need to treasure those moments.
Can't wait to see what goes with those hands!

Diana Meade said...

Such a lovely post. Thanks.

Tracey said...

Aww, just so very sweet Lisa! Really lovely post!!

:) T said...

Very neat!

priti.lisa said...

This is beautious, splendious and perfect! I think my word is sublime. Treasures, hearts, keeping them...and using them.
I love the meaningfulness...and the fingers!
xox, Lisa

Lisa said...

Cat, it's a good tearing up, remember!
Gourdie, those hands will hopefully be part of a certain challenge?

Diana, thanks, I need to find your blog.
Hey T. you are always so sweet yourself, and I hope you get through your sons allergy. Be well!

Thanks, Nelliebugs,

Lisa, thanks for your comment, you summed it up, with so few words, I wish I could do that. hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Lisa
I love the heart rock what a special gift from your grandson, and it is so sweet that your grandsons call you Honey. I will be a grandma in July my first grandson! Yipee!
Teresa in California

Lisa said...

Teresa, congratulations! are going to love it! And thank you.

Brenda LaBell said...

It's a shame they have to grow up. BTW you may want to take the kids out of the storage containers, lol...


Lisa said...

LOL! it does sound like that doesn't it,Brenda, Ha ha!