Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Going Green

This is not St. Patrick's green....I've been turning this,
into this!
Now I do recycle,  but I'm not so "going green" that I would turn all this,

into this, (I use fast-mache, by the way)!
to make this!

But I'd really love to show you my collection of 4-leaf clovers that I found last year. I was taking the garbage
out, and this little voice told me to look down! I swear, I heard it, why else would I look down when my only
mission was to get the garbage to alley and be done with that chore? So when a voice tells me to look down I look down and I spotted a 4-leaf clover, it seemed to rise above all the other clumps of clover, like it was waving at me..." here, here I'm here!" This was my first 4-leaf find, ever. Now the mission of taking the garbage out is forgotten as I bent over and snapped the stem to collect my find.  And then I hear, "look over here, and  over there"...by the time I stopped hearing the whispers, I had collected 6, 4-leaf clovers.  
I swear the Irish Whiskey wasn't flowing through my veins, and I'm not feeding you a bunch of Irish Blarney!
...and I still can't remember where I put those lucky little charms to show you, but since I'm not really Irish,
 I'll have to show you this, Just plain ole' Italian Parsley!

Not very Irish, but if you look really close the little green leprechaun hiding in there
might bring you some of this green!

But you have to believe in going green!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


magikalseasons said...

I think I see that leprechan hiding in there! That's fantastic recycling. I'm going outside to chase some rainbows! :) Wishing you a lucky Day!

Lisa said...

hey Becca, rainbows work too!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a wonderful and fun post! Hope you had a most excellent St. Patrick's Day! :) Theresa

Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

Delightful!!! I spent lots of time as a kid hunting four leaf clovers, it is a real thrill! Love what you do with your junk mail. After you shred it do you process it another way to grind it up even further? What a cute post!