Sunday, June 27, 2010

I recently up-graded my computer, and now I'm in the process of organizing 
my photo files.  It's been an ordeal, but I found some of my older paintings.
I look at them now, and see how traditional I was.
This one, is one of my first paintings..well one of the first that I deemed, worthy to hang.
The Old Dutch Masters, style.
I love pears. I'm always drawing and painting pears.
And this was from a few years ago, when I painted on furniture.
I did a few of the cowboys, on dressers'.  They seemed to sell pretty good.
Wish I still had the pictures of those, but they bit dust when the old computer
Nothing worth hanging in a gallery, but I learned a lot while painting them.
Some of my artwork will never ever be me!
Other pieces I work on I consider  as practice pieces.
I may deem some worthy to show you, or not.
But we shall see.
Let me get back to the photo files.
Ugh!  It's just time consuming, deciding what to keep or where to file.

Be well, and thanks for the well wishes, while I was out of sorts.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's a Bootiful Thing!!!

The Halloween Queens are having a Giveaway!

Go here for all the details.
This months giveaway is a hand painted sign
created by Elona Engelke. 
The drawing will be July 1st, so hurry on over
for a chance to win Elona's famous BooKitty!

This is one black cat that you want, to cross your path!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Feeling a bit...Out of Sorts!

So, what does it mean, Feeling Out Of Sorts?
Sorta like, well, I don't know!
You just know the body isn't flowing with the mind.
Or the mind is moving, but the body isn't .
I just couldn't pin-point the way I was feeling.
I avoided calling the Doctor, because I had this ludicrous vision of
an old movie playing in my head, where the kindly physician would say,
"my dear, it's just womanly complaints, take a dose of this and you'll feel like yourself in no time."!
Okay, I slapped myself and came back...and was still feeling out of sorts.
Sorta like a back ache, but not. Sorta light headed, but not dizzy. 
Sorta like, not nauseous but I could be. Sorta  feeling exhausted just walking to the car.
When the back ache literally stopped me dead in my tracks,
  I broke down and called the Doctor's office, and tried to explain the "Sorta" I was feeling,
without him thinking it was all in my head.
Maybe he'd tell me, "why you're just tired and run down, you just need a dose of Geritol"! 
After returning to the 21st century,  this modern Doctor, took some tests, and stated
that it was only an infection. An infection that beat my body up to the point of exhaustion.
It was an urinary tract infection! (maybe it's not polite to tell, but I know you'd want to know, what kind of infection?) Right? 
After the first antibiotic pill I took, I felt so much better, but truth to tell, just knowing what was going on
was half the healing in my mind.
I am woman, and I will most likely, always have complaints!

Be well! 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sweet Treats! Arriving daily On Pearl Aveune!

Just look at the goodies!

White Rabbit arrived from Robert,

and this, wood carved Santa, arrived

These pictures do not show the quality of workmanship!
Truly remarkable! 

 Be back in a bit to show a couple of more treasures that arrived.
(have to download the photos)
hold on, I'll be right back!

Okay, I'm back.
This necklace was custom made by, Marie Segal.
When I won this giveaway, Marie contacted me and asked
me a few questions, and wha-la, she created this!

Ya know sometimes I never win anything, and then boom!I win!

And the last piece of art I received is this ACEO card I purchased from
Madame K,
Isn't it just the best? I think so!

Without realizing, I have started my collection from all of these talented talented artists.
Thanks to all! I greatly appreciate it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Word Of Warning!

I recently found out that someone is using my email address to gain personal
information from un-suspecting people.
If you receive a message from Pearl Avenue Studios, asking for your
information, it's not me.  If one of my customers hadn't noticed
an exclamation mark at the end of my address, she, also would have thought
it was me.  I would never ask anyone for their private and personal
info.  But it does explain why, when I sent out emails, that one was blocking

So please Beware!

...and as for the person using my address...
look over your shoulder! 
Someone may be after you!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tending the Flowers...and watch them grow!

Okay, it's not my actual garden.  
My garden is in the process of...WEEDING!
It was so pretty a couple of weeks ago, and all
of a sudden the weeds took over.  But pulling them
is good for the soul, so I've been told.  We shall see 
how "good" my soul gets!

The artwork above was inspired by one of my favorite songs.
Not hard to figure out which one.
 It's mixed media, using paint, pencils, oil pastels, vintage paper and
bees wax,
on a salvaged wooden top, from an old trunk, and measures 24" by 36.

My art changes directions often, I envision one thing,
but my hands create another.

Well I do need to get back to the "Real" garden,
before the rains roll in or I'll be making mud pies!

Be well!