Saturday, June 19, 2010

Feeling a bit...Out of Sorts!

So, what does it mean, Feeling Out Of Sorts?
Sorta like, well, I don't know!
You just know the body isn't flowing with the mind.
Or the mind is moving, but the body isn't .
I just couldn't pin-point the way I was feeling.
I avoided calling the Doctor, because I had this ludicrous vision of
an old movie playing in my head, where the kindly physician would say,
"my dear, it's just womanly complaints, take a dose of this and you'll feel like yourself in no time."!
Okay, I slapped myself and came back...and was still feeling out of sorts.
Sorta like a back ache, but not. Sorta light headed, but not dizzy. 
Sorta like, not nauseous but I could be. Sorta  feeling exhausted just walking to the car.
When the back ache literally stopped me dead in my tracks,
  I broke down and called the Doctor's office, and tried to explain the "Sorta" I was feeling,
without him thinking it was all in my head.
Maybe he'd tell me, "why you're just tired and run down, you just need a dose of Geritol"! 
After returning to the 21st century,  this modern Doctor, took some tests, and stated
that it was only an infection. An infection that beat my body up to the point of exhaustion.
It was an urinary tract infection! (maybe it's not polite to tell, but I know you'd want to know, what kind of infection?) Right? 
After the first antibiotic pill I took, I felt so much better, but truth to tell, just knowing what was going on
was half the healing in my mind.
I am woman, and I will most likely, always have complaints!

Be well! 


Brenda LaBell said...

Ooooo Lisa, they are very painful!! I'm so glad to hear the med is helping fast!! Hope your back to yourselft in no time!!

BTW, if you would like to play in the Wool Wednesday Challenge my dear you are not late at all. We would love to have you if you are up to it. Just give me a yell okay.

Feel better soon!!
((Big Hugs))

In the Light of the Moon said...

Lisa,sometimes you just cant kick that funk out!I hope this med continues to help.Big Hugs and keep chin up.Big Bigger Biggest hugs friend.Cat

Lisa said...

Thanks Brenda and Cat, means so much.

Cobblestone Creations said...

Hope this comment finds you up and about and feeling back to your cheery self. :)

Natasha Burns said...

lol i like that last line, about most likely always having complaints! i think my husband would agree there, hee hee!
hope you're not out of sorts any more!

The Vintage Polka Dot said...

Awww! Get to feeling better Lisa!

magikalseasons said...

Not fun! Hoping you are better and wishing you well!