Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How does your Pumpkin Grow?

Every year after the pumpkin season is over,
I always have a perfectly good pumpkin left, the ones I
don't carve anyway.
I leave them in the house all through the Christmas season,
and the long months of winter.
But low and behold, around March or April,
I notice the tale-tale signs of Pumpkin rot and out
gos the pumpkin!  Sometimes I'll toss it in the compost pile, or just
place it under my little dogwood tree...surprise, surprise!

Seedlings are sprouting,
But after more inspection of rotting pumpkins under my tree,
I discovered another pumpkin vine, which is well on its way
to, hopefully producing a big blooming pumpkin.
This vine is from a pumpkin I set out 2 years ago!

Okay, Cinderella, get ready, your coach is on the way!

At least something is growing in this heat, besides weeds.


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Awesome! I wish we had enough space in our yard to grow pumpkins...and enough water. I'm SO ready for fall - I've truly had enough of this unpredictable summer weather! Theresa

Dede said...

I have never been able to grow pumpkins, so this year I am going to grow them Lisa's way. That is so cool! Who would have thought?


Cobblestone Creations said...

Nature ~ what a great deal. ;)