Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Fine Mess!

...or two, or three!

I started this whimsical witches hat, but something was missing.  It 
didn't have enough layers, so I thought I'd transfer some images.  Now I could 
just glue the paper on and  then peel it off, but I don't do easy. Can't find
 the transfer paper. ( not organized) I'm not going to spend time looking for it,
so I do it old fashion way!
I always think of these things after I add the pretty stuff, but I thought 
I'd show you the process anyway, mess and all.
That white paper has an image on the other side, which I glued to the 
cone of the hat.  After it sets enough, but not quite dried, I soak
the paper and lift it off.  Kind of like stripping wall paper.
The water soaks the paper enough to start the peeling process, but 
leaves the image from the print.
It's a worn vintage effect, and I didn't spend an hour looking for 
the transfer paper. 
Now what do I do about the mess on the work surface?
I'll worry about that tomorrow!
By the way,
I like this glue.  It takes a little getting used to,
 it dries pretty quick but still gives you enough time to move
things around and it holds.  It's like a gummy gel, but 
it won't bond your fingers together for life!

Be well.


Cobblestone Creations said...

Oh now don't you just know how to pique our curiosity and whet our appetitie! Anxious to see the finished product.

LOL ~ the verification word I got was SLCHUMPO ~ now there's a name if ever I heard one ~ well, maybe SCHLUMPO is a better one. :O

Sonia ;) said...

Very cool Lisa...Looks like it is going to be gorgeaous when it is done.


Faerie Moon Creations said...

It's looking wonderful so far, Lisa! Can't wait to see it all finished. :) Theresa

priti.lisa said...

You sound a bit like me...IF fairies come and clean up after you, please give them my card...I am willing to trade my teeth for a clean organized studio :D

I, too, love that glue.

Lisa said...

Lisa, you crack me up, I'll send the clean freak fairies right over, did I say that?
Theresa, and Sonia, please, make sure I finish this...and Laura, you should see some of the verifications I get, it makes me double take.

Paula said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by and for posting my button! Love your art, had fun looking around your etsy and ebay. I say a messy studio is a productive studio! lol:)

Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

I wanna see how it turned out!

Heather said...

Ok Lisa I am ready to see that hat!!! FINISHED...