Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I know, it sounds good, right?
But this isn't what you are expecting!

A few weeks ago, when the whole  nation was bombarded with,
beautiful, white snow, my husband and I ventured out!
He has the 4 wheel drive, but for some reason we took my truck!
Don't know why, probably my subconscious challenging me...it's that
dare devil, that's sits on our shoulders...are ya going to slide into every car going down the hill?
I had anxiety, for 5 blocks going down that hill, and didn't shift out of 1st gear!

We made it the grocery store, where everyone and their mothers were buying
out milk and bread!
All we needed was cat food!
After 6 bags of, (oh we may be snowed in,) grocery s, we're HOME!

Fast forward.....the snow is melting, the ice is gone, it's safe to drive again.
I get in my truck and smell Springtime!
The scent, is clean and refreshing!
It smelled so good!
For 3 days, I couldn't, for the like of me figure out why
the inside of my 10 year old truck smelled like fresh, clean, just chopped melon!
It' brought memories of Summer, fresh cut grass, sun-brewed tea...
this was crazy, was I so in-tune with the higher realms that I wanted mother earth....ahhh!
I happened to look down, and in between the the seat and console was,
the source of my out of body experience!
One, frozen, now thawing and liquefying  cucumber!
(I knew I bought a cucumber, I cleaned out the refrigerator looking for it.)

But it smelled so good!

Time to make dip!

As for the Wips!
No cream, needed.

and one is finished!

He's in my Etsy Shop!

But I'd suggest you go and buy some cucumbers!


Dawn in the Forest said...

Lisa, I love your new little guy:) I'm still laughing about the cucumber.

Cobblestone Creations said...

Glad to know your 'find the smell game' experience was a positive one. A few more days and it would have ended much differently. I hear from my daughter that onions are particularly bad. :O

Sassy Marsha said...


Ah, he's a sweet little fella!!

she dreams big! said...

You just have to name this little guy 'Cute Cuke' to remind you to check all nooks and crannys before exiting the vehicle!

Hugs ~~ Connie

yoborobo said...

HAhahahaha! That is so funny! At least you found it before it seeped into your carpet. :) And you new little guy is so sweet, I love his face! xox Pam

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I've had that happen with apples! Rolling around in the trunk! Too funny. Love your sweet little paper mache friend - that face is adorable. By the way, something is on its way to you now... :) Take care! Theresa

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Ah!!! I thought for sure you were going to say you left the yankee candle in the car...who knew a frozen cuke could smell good?!!

That guy is just divine! love him:)

Heather said...

Like everything you do Lisa I love HIM!!!!! Too funny bout the cucumber!!! I do love the smell of a fresh cuke.

Dede said...

Sounds like you found it just in time. Your new little fella is so sweet!


Brandi McKenna said...

Love your primitive finish, such beautiful patina and depth on the surface! Looks just like an antique toy! Love him.

Astridbears said...

oh Lisa I love him!! This clown is soo funny!
have a great and creative weekend

Abi said...

LOL that is so funny - at least it didn't smell bad!! although I can't bare the texture of soggy cucumber, so I would have been freaking out!!

Little guy is adorable!

Thanks for popping by my place! and yes - I was often mistaken for a 12 year old! LOL it had it's positive moments, and quite a few not so good moments! LOL