Monday, April 25, 2011

Due East....

in the land of OZ!
And just so ya  know, I, identify OZ, as the land of 
And right now, it's brewing in from the 
Wicked Witch of the West!
Those crazy wild clouds, dark and descending,
a cauldron of brewing storms!
The boney fingers of funnels!
The luminous pink light, peeking through the dark shadows of
the gray green clouds that
remind me, in my dreams, of
Wicked Witches!
Her green pallor skin!
Even when she was riding away on her 
bicycle, with Toto, in her basket!
What a horrid woman she  was! 
To actually steal a beloved pet!

It's just how I associate words and images!
When I was little and watched, 
The Wizard of OZ,
I was traumatized! 
I was!
Those Monkeys
gave me nightmares for years!
They robbed me of my voice! 
I wanted to scream! But  the scream was silent! 
Just like in a dream!

So, that is why, when I mention,
something wicked, coming in from the land of 
It's just my, imagery,
of how I associate a dark green storm
coming in from the West!
Kansas, Wicked Witch, The Wizard of OZ, the Monkeys!
Dark, evil forbidding! 
The stuff that makes
a child, scream,
silent screams 
in the night!

But, by today's standards,
OZ, is a piece of cake!

Speaking of Cake!
I'd love a piece!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Night Wips!

Just another exciting Saturday night!
And trying to finish a couple of sculpts.

I should be further along with them.
Especially since one is a commission.
But, The sun was shinning today,
and the sweet earth was calling me...the weeds 
were taking over!
Amazing how fast the day gos by
when you want to do everything!
Now to a little sanding and primer.

Be well!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just one of those

when you take a thousand pictures,
okay, maybe not a thousand!
Just seemed like that many! 
And not a single shot was any good!
I waited for natural light to reflect off the walls,
I tried artificial light, and no light!
So I gave up, figuring the stars and planets aren't lined
up for me today!
Or I just need a cocktail!
(Then all the photos would look really good!)
I finished, Bea,
 in her Bonnet!

for details.

Bee Well!

Friday, April 1, 2011

No Fooling!

I don't have any, April Fools, tricks!
Really, No Fooling!
But remember when...back in grade school,
and someone would come up to you and say,
"there's a spider on your head"!
Ah, the echoes of 3rd grade, high pitched screams,
are still there, in that memory part of my brain!

I just want to share this site,
There is so much talent here!
And a few giveaways too!
Just scroll down, there's a list on the left hand side!
(And pity me, the Fool, who didn't have time to add one!)

And there's still time to add your name to 
The Halloweens Queens, giveaway!
It's Easter'Ween!
No Foolling!
Can't you just imagine an Easter basket filled with
Halloween treats!
Just go take a look, here!

Now I'm going to go see what kind of mischief
I can get into!
No Fooling!