Monday, April 25, 2011

Due East....

in the land of OZ!
And just so ya  know, I, identify OZ, as the land of 
And right now, it's brewing in from the 
Wicked Witch of the West!
Those crazy wild clouds, dark and descending,
a cauldron of brewing storms!
The boney fingers of funnels!
The luminous pink light, peeking through the dark shadows of
the gray green clouds that
remind me, in my dreams, of
Wicked Witches!
Her green pallor skin!
Even when she was riding away on her 
bicycle, with Toto, in her basket!
What a horrid woman she  was! 
To actually steal a beloved pet!

It's just how I associate words and images!
When I was little and watched, 
The Wizard of OZ,
I was traumatized! 
I was!
Those Monkeys
gave me nightmares for years!
They robbed me of my voice! 
I wanted to scream! But  the scream was silent! 
Just like in a dream!

So, that is why, when I mention,
something wicked, coming in from the land of 
It's just my, imagery,
of how I associate a dark green storm
coming in from the West!
Kansas, Wicked Witch, The Wizard of OZ, the Monkeys!
Dark, evil forbidding! 
The stuff that makes
a child, scream,
silent screams 
in the night!

But, by today's standards,
OZ, is a piece of cake!

Speaking of Cake!
I'd love a piece!


TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Yes!!! LET'S have a piece of cake! Splendid idea. I'll just go grab the about pale forest green with a golden patina. Would that suffice? How about tea?

maddyrose said...

Now you've done it. I'm shutting down the computer and heading into the movie room to watch the Wizard of OZ while I eat a piece of carrot cake. =)

Cobblestone Creations said...

Well dear Twin ~ I must confess to monkey nightmares as well ~ for years and years and years! And for a bit of karma ~ our daughter at age 2 insisted on watching that video EVERY night for about a year and a half. Sheeesh, the things we'll do for our kids!! Though I have to say I did see a lot more in the movie that I had missed before that ~ ie there are a lot of birds in the movie.

So many memories ~ like how exciting the entire day was at school when The Wizard od Oz was going to be on TV that nght! Such anticipation!!!

But for now ~ I'm off to maddyrose's for a piece of her carrot cake. :)

Take cover Lisa!!! Can't wait to see what this stormy inspiration produces in your art.

yoborobo said...

That movie scared me so much when I was little. But I loved it! Lol! Now I want to watch it again. :)) xo Pam

she dreams big! said...

Me too! If it wasn't for the munchkins, I'd never watch it again!

Isn't it funny how we all are fixating on cake now?

Creative Wings Boutique said...

i'll bring cocktsils for our cake. or maybe just a lil something to WARM our tea...

raioX - da Tin said...

Just stopping by to say hello Lisa, I hope you're good !
Talking about OZ .. love these red shoes ^^ and Carrot cake is fine to me also ;D

hugs from Brazil!!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

When I was little, I was terrified of the scene where the witch's legs curl up and shrink up under Dorothy's house. LOL My favorite character was Toto, of course. :) Need to watch it again. I would watch it every year without fail. Now I don't hide my eyes AND I have my own pair of ruby slippers. ;) Theresa

A Magical Whimsy said...

The Wizard of OZ...
When my husband bought the VHS version for our kids they watched it over and over again. I can remember as a kid they used to play it every Thanksgiving on television so our parents could take a nap after their big turkey dinner! Ha! They would also play a very old version of 'Alice in Wonderland' that was kind of scary too. But he monkeys scared the pants off of me too, in the Wizard of Oz.
If you are ever in Boston at Mike's Pastries in the 'Little Italy' district PLEASE have a piece of their carrot is to die for! And so are all of their other wonderful pastries. There are four lines of people, twenty people deep going out the front doors of their shop on the weekends just to order their pastries. Yummm!
Teresa in CA

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Lisa, I love how you associate words and images. You are right, those Monkey's were scary, very scary!!!!


Maggie said...

What a classic! Now I want to create a scarecrow or tin man, or toto! But first, I'm going to join Laura and go to Maddyrose's for carrot cake... is there any left?

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Oh I'm still scared of that witch!! I once saw a bumper sticker that said...'don't make me call my flying monkeys!'

I drove away from them fast!! lol!