Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just one of those

when you take a thousand pictures,
okay, maybe not a thousand!
Just seemed like that many! 
And not a single shot was any good!
I waited for natural light to reflect off the walls,
I tried artificial light, and no light!
So I gave up, figuring the stars and planets aren't lined
up for me today!
Or I just need a cocktail!
(Then all the photos would look really good!)
I finished, Bea,
 in her Bonnet!

for details.

Bee Well!


Leslie said...

I seem to go through the same thing when I do a "photo shoot" for an item. I think Bea just didn't feel like cooperating! She is just darling!

yoborobo said...

Oh, Bea is so cute, Lisa! I love her expression. She will cooperate tomorrow. Maybe she just didn't feel like having her picture taken. :)) Now go have that cocktail!! xoxo Pam

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love her Lisa....she's so beeeeutiful!

Cocktails? I will be right over!


Dawn in the Forest said...

Bea is sooo cute! I love her look:) And as far as getting good photos.....I feel your pain. I was dealing with the same problem today. I think cocktails are just the solution to this problem:)

Liz Revit said...

Bea is simply adorable!

Dede said...

She is so sweet! I really dislike taking pictures, they never come out right no matter how many I take. Wishing you a better day tomorrow.


JDConwell said...

She is beautiful, Lisa, no matter the photo. And how cool is her name? Bea in her bonnet...(snicker)

she dreams big! said...

I here ya Lisa! Can't for the life of me figure out a way to get a good photo of something under glass.

Call me when the wine is uncorked! I'll be right over!

Michele Lynch Art said...

She's wonderful!! Oh boy, taking the pictures is the worst part and especially when things are not co-operating! LOL yeah the cocktails help ;o)

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh oh oh she is beautiful hon...I love her and her bonnet!! Wow!!!!
Yup know what ya mean...when the camera just won't pop..the pictures are too close..too far away..too blurry..too shiney..ackkkk! LOL...she looks wonderful..pass a rum and coke my way please:)
Hugs, Sarah

HUNBUN 22 said...

Oh Lisa, Bea is BEAUTIFUL!
Too pretty for pictures maybe!
I go thru the same pics look pink sometimes I HATE That!!
Love and take care

HUNBUN 22 said...

Oh, I will Have a Long Island Ice Tea
Thank You,
My menopause Medicine!!! lol

Cobblestone Creations said...

I know when you look at these tutorials you are going to think "How can that silly thing possibly make a difference in my photos?" BUT let me tell you IT DOES WORK WONDERS!!

I use one ALL the time. Of course, a cockatil couldn't hurt either. ;)

Bee is lovely!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

Oh my cute is she??!!
I just love her Lisa.
I know what you mean with can be a pain..let's have a margarita while we talk about picture taking?!!

Have a happy day!
Hugs, Nancy

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Bea is Darling!!!
I cant take a good pic no matter what i do.. Hmmmmm, I haven't tried having a cocktail first??? Maybe that would


Creative Wings Boutique said...

lisa ur picture is fab... she is a wonderful creation...

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Bea the Bee girl is simply awesome. I love her! Hope you get the perfect shot very soon. :) Theresa

priti.lisa said...

MMmmmmmmmmmmm Cocktails!
Bee in her Bonnet is wonderful!
And she beats a Cock in her Tail anyday...

June said...

OMG!Bea is so darling!!!! I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!
Lisa, I have so enjoyed your blog and the chance to see all that you do and create.
So lovely.
sending hugs...

Maggie said...

Some days I can't get a photo that isn't blurry, or too dark. It's rare that I get a good photo, actually. But, Bea is a cutie!