Thursday, June 23, 2011

Added to my To Do List!!!!!

Look what I found!
I know, so you're thinking...oh, but it's...!
Well to me this is priceless!
I found it at the Jopin, Restore.
I was there searching for a window, which I found, but
I turned the corner, and found this 1939 Hickory dresser.
I swore to myself a long time ago, not to buy anymore
junk to re-do! I even walked away, after checking the 
whole piece out.  Drawers in great shape, side panels warped, 
the veneer buckling up.  Walk away!
But there's no water damage!
Walk away!
And I did, walk away.

I went up front to pay for my window,
and what blurted out of my mouth?
"How much is that old dresser in the back?"
In my mind, I think, to myself, how could you,
you know you don't have time to re-style this dresser!
Tell the man, never mind, just pay for the window!
Then I hear the old man say, "Well, little lady, lets take a walk back and see!"
I follow like a hungry puppy!
The man, says, " well this just came in, haven't priced it yet.
Howse' bout $12.00.?"
I'm screaming in my mind!
 and say, "okay, I'll pull the truck around."

It was a good hunt for a window!
But the dresser gave me a rush!
It sat on the porch, for a week because I had things to do,
like finish the garden dig, and 3 new sculpts.
But today, I stripped the old veneer off,
 popped some new panels on the sides
and reinforced a couple of the drawers.
It's almost as good as new!
But me being me, I had no intention of restoring this piece.
In my minds eye, I had something else in mind.
The whole dresser painted white, with an image of

painted on the front!
Or something like one of,
Oh decisions, decisions!
What to do.
Oh, this dresser came with a vanity top with mirrors,
but the mirrors were broken, so I think I'll
paint the vanity top as another piece.
It's shaped like a fire-screen...who knows what?
Halloween, vintage, traditional?
As of this posting, the dresser is painted white.
I swear this dresser will be finished, by Sunday.

Oh and I want to change my blog out again.
See, the to do list is always getting longer.

Be well,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011