Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Okay, so it's not the Tree!
But I'm going to start decorating it soon!
After I get home from the dentist...ugh!

Not sure how to decorate, but I've got some inspiration.
I love the worn and rusty patinas, and maybe
I'll add some vintage bling!
I know it will be scrappy... vintage fabric, trim and paper!
Maybe I'm avoiding the real tree! 
Right now, it's just too early to put it up.
And besides, I always get a real tree, and it takes
time to pick out the Perfect tree.

Be Well!

Friday, November 25, 2011

I've Got a Winner!!!

Okay, it's 12:00, Black Friday and I've picked my winner!
for all of these Christmas, die-cuts, and then some!

Those of you who mentioned this giveaway on your blog or other sites,
got a second chance!!!

I used the random generator and got this number!
Which is Becca, of Magikalseasons!
I'll be in touch in a bit, Becca!

Thank you all so much!!!

Hope Everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
Now it's time to Deck those Halls!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Giveaway On Pearl Avenue!!!

Here, take these!!!
I'm giving away all of this...Victorian Santa  die-cuts, 
vintage rick-rack trim,
(hasn't been opened!),
Spools of tinsel ribbon,
the book,
wait there's more,
 That Santa and Baby, die-cut, gorgeous!

I've been cleaning, and haven't used any of this, so
I've decided to give it to someone who will use it,
and create away.
And knowing me, I'll be adding to the pile.

I love these but I'm drawing a blank as with what to do with it all!
What would you create?

I'm not requiring anything in return...well wait, there is,
please pass this giveaway, along to someone you may know, 
oh,  and way I can link back and reach you.

Now, I'm going to pick my winner when the clock strike's twelve
on Black Friday!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tangerine Dreams, or.....

Halloween, Withdraw ?
I know, I know!
I pulled this tangerine out of the frig, and
was...yep, was, going to add cloves to it,
and start drying it for Christmas.
But, me being me...thinking like a kid, Thank God!
Started carving...!
Now that I mentioned, thinking like a kid,
I still squish mashed potatoes between my teeth.
I peel oranges and lemons, and put the peels, in my mouth
across my teeth...to blank them out...Hahaaaaaa!
I cross my eyes, when someone is taking a picture of someone else,
and the one being photographed is the only one who sees. 
I may be of an age, but I still think like a kid!!!
I do!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

HO HO HO!!!!!

I, swore to myself...Really I did!
That I was going to finish 
these for a customer, today.
I know it looks like a big job, and it is!
4 pieces, the background sofa not included!
That's mine.
But no!

The watercolors jumped out at me while
cleaning up a bit in the Studio!
So yes, I got side-tracked...AGAIN!
Okay, back to work!

 I'll show ya the completed furniture
pieces on my, Just being me, blog

Be Well!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

In a Wonderland kind of mood...

I've been sculpting, the boys, (and a few fem's ) from up North!

I find this, kind'a funny!
Trying to dry a snowman in the sun!
But, onward ho!!!!
Here we go!
I had a bit of difficulty trying to get this one
to adjust to...what?
It started out ok, but as the painting of 
facial expressions!!!!!!!!!
Gawh!, she wasn't talking to me!
Yeah, they have to speak before I can 
transfer to painting them!
I tried, to coax her, to bribe her,
but you know when prima donas want something,
they won't budge!
I tried to give her a garland,

of hand-wrapped greens!
But, she didn't want it!
Not what I want!
My Gawd, why can't I finish this one!
She gave me a tough time on her face!
She wanted....what?
Maybe she thought she was better!
Well, ya know sometimes, you have to work
with what ya have!
I was not going to go out and get something, that may have satisfied,
when I have a table full of, "Hoarders" crafting supplies!

By Gawd, this little princess will get what she gets!
Enough is enough!
She finally got what I had all along!
Little Brat!

She got a  garland of vintage paper chain!
Remember when you made a paper chain 
for the Christmas tree?

 But sometimes it's better to indulge, than to neglect!
Be Well!

Friday, November 4, 2011


I've always loved this image.
It just speaks to me.
The first time I saw it, I thought, Abundance.
The fruits of our labor, the camaraderie of  
carrying the load together.
The Abundance of Autumn!
The above image is the original copy, so feel free
to grab it.  It's copyright-free, from a book I have
with hundreds of illustrations from the 19th century.
I went to photoshop, because practice makes perfect.
And using photoshop is one of my, to do things, daily. (well, maybe weekly)!
I want to transfer this onto stained muslin,
and then...?

We shall see!

Be Well!