Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ladies, Ladies, Please, Get a Grip...

It's only a Fairy Tale!
Once Upon a Time, I would have been flattered,
but really, enough is enough!
I assure you, I am not, Your Prince Charming!

 Don't you think by now,  that if the Tale were true,
that I would still look like this?

Don't take everything you read, literally.
Some Tales teach a lesson, and some...just don't!
Do you really think, if you find your Prince, that all your Dreams will come true?
 Well then, have I got a Draw Bridge to sell you!
It's at a bargain price, since you don't have to
slay a dragon.  Someone else took care of that for you.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to catch a
Coach. I heard rumors that it looks just like a Pumpkin.

And they lived, Happily Ever After!
(Cough cough)
I must have a frog in my throat.

The End

Authors note:
The telling of this Tale was fictitious.
Any similarity to the Real Prince is
 purely coincidental.

I love Fairy tales.
And I'm not being  Grumpy!
In fact, it was meant to be fun.
Peter, said so!

Sweet Dreams

Monday, February 13, 2012

Want a Peek? To see what I got in the mail?

It's always exciting when you receive
packages in the mail, but I got 3.

The first package was this,

Marsha, at the Tattered Chick, had a heart swap,
well of course I joined in!
This heart and all the goods were sent to me from,
When you get a chance, go visit Sarah, she has 
a blog full of pretties!
Thanks so Much Sarah! I love it all.

The heart I made, went to Linda of the Queen Bee Cottage.
I used upholstery fabric from an old chair, and added vintage faux
pearls from an  old necklace.

And then I opened a package from,
Pam. You know Pam, at Yoborobo!
I have to admit, when I saw the package from Pam,
my first thought was, "uh oh", she's sending back a sculpt 
I'd sent to her, it must have broke.
Little Faye, popped out.
A Happy Valentine to me!
I've always loved the way Pam, stitches her little
dolly s, each one has their own unique charm.
And do you know that Pam, has written 2, children s books?
I bought one for my Grandson, for Christmas.
Many many thanks, Pam!

Now wait, I've got one more.
This book,
was sent to me from, Priti Lisa!
She sent it, just because.  
A Gift.
I"m  only into the first few chapters...up until the wee hours reading,
when I should have been dreaming.
 Wow what a great read!
Lisa, I can't thank you enough!

You know it's true, things happen in 3 s!
have a great day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finding the Perfect Shade of


This isn't a dark and heavy post about the word envy.
Even though the word conjures up menacing,
green Witches, or fire breathing Dragons!
But it is a quote that everyone recognizes,
and we'll get to envy at another time.

I'm looking for the perfect shade of green,
this frog, that is in the first stages of sculpting.
I mentally start dressing with color in the second and third stages,
between sanding and polishing.  

Should be easy
peasy, right?

If the shades and tones aren't clean,
then you might end up with baby poop green,
or a dirty muddy green.
Which in my mind means, Alien.
Do you think Exorcist, with peas?
Or Peas Porridge Hot? 
Color association can make or break a piece of artwork.
If it doesn't look good on the plate then you probably won't eat it.
You'll notice I didn't show an avocado...ate it.
 And the pistachios too!

I'm opting for Granny Smith,
 since it's the apple of my eye!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hand Made Valentines

Finished a Valentine. 

 Everything I used was old or vintage, except the
German Glass Glitter.
Over time the glitter will tarnish and will have an aged patina.

Now I'm going to add a little sparkle to this,
I still like making Hand Made Valentines.

Off to add a little color to my curly locks.

Have a great weekend.