Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finding the Perfect Shade of


This isn't a dark and heavy post about the word envy.
Even though the word conjures up menacing,
green Witches, or fire breathing Dragons!
But it is a quote that everyone recognizes,
and we'll get to envy at another time.

I'm looking for the perfect shade of green,
this frog, that is in the first stages of sculpting.
I mentally start dressing with color in the second and third stages,
between sanding and polishing.  

Should be easy
peasy, right?

If the shades and tones aren't clean,
then you might end up with baby poop green,
or a dirty muddy green.
Which in my mind means, Alien.
Do you think Exorcist, with peas?
Or Peas Porridge Hot? 
Color association can make or break a piece of artwork.
If it doesn't look good on the plate then you probably won't eat it.
You'll notice I didn't show an avocado...ate it.
 And the pistachios too!

I'm opting for Granny Smith,
 since it's the apple of my eye!


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Mr. Froggy is so delightful!!!!! I ♥ him!!!

Green, however is not in my color pallet :)

But I am just pea green with envy (Scarlett O'Hara voice) at your ability to sculpt!!


Titbelsoeur toute seule said...

Lisa, this is such a nice frog !! I love it !!
greetings from France

Liz Revit said...

Lisa, green is such a lovely color. In fact, it's my favorite color. I'd opt for the Granny Smith too!

Jan Conwell said...

Holy cow I loved this post. The poetry of it, the gorgeous long-leggedy frog, and the colors (green is my favorite color, in any shade whatsoever.) Have fun painting this fellow!

maddyrose said...

Green is my favorite color as well. I love all shades of green. It's such a fresh color and I have to admit to being a bit green with envy when gazing at this dear sweet froggy. Granny Smith green would be a perfect color for his lovely skin. Can't wait to see him painted.

Anonymous said...

Really, you should have majored in your writings!

Anne said...

Love, love love this delightful Froggie...he will be fantastic on any green you choose for him (but I'm partial to the Granny Smith, too!) ♥

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Lisa,

I have never visited before but I just fell in love with this frog! And your can of olives was a hoot...I am like that with a small carton of cream...I end up ripping it to shreds...

Thanks for stopping by so I could get to know you!! Love the you name your creations? If not, maybe your readers would offer suggestions when you are done.

Big hug

Ella said...

Wow, he looks great! I vote Granny Smith that color~
Great job and thanks for visiting me!