Monday, April 23, 2012

Building a Moon...

Layer by layer,
A quick synopsis of the steps I go through.
I always start with a clump of mache.
 I wasn't going to show this shot, because it
has a strand of my Kittie's fur on it.
But ya know, she's part of the family, 
and she was just curious to see what I was up to.
At least it's not a hacked up fur-ball.
I shape the base into a mound, and when it's almost dry I
add wood dowels or heavy gauge wire.  Just an armature
so the mache has something to grab.
 I do, add glue if I use wood.  If I use wire,
it's a different process, and I'll show that later.
I let this completely dry before I start adding the  
I roughly shape out the body, by adding to the wood,
and let this dry a bit, and keep adding mache until 
I get the shape and form I want.
I usally use pure paper mache to form my sculpts, but
I had this styrofoam ball, and it was quicker to show.

 I add a rough nose and the first layer of cheeks.
I position wire for the arms and lay in
mache to form a cap.

 This is as far as I got.  I had to make some 
arms.  And I will finish enough to show in a few days.

On another note...I'm heading into my 8th week, of 
fighting a bacteria that wants to take over my body.
The body snatcher!

Be Well! 
I certainly hope to be.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Good Egg!

Is all cracked up!
I started boiling eggs for Easter and realized I didn't have any 
coloring to make those pretty pastel shells come to life.
Where are the cans of beets when I need them?
All I could find was tea.  So I turned my perfectly white eggs,
(except for the ones that cracked), into brown eggs.
I could have just bought brown eggs, right!
Doesn't matter, because they're all going to get mashed up anyway.
I do sepia tones.

The eggs that cracked, which I conveniently didn't show,
cracked because I was outside cutting the stems of 
my snowball flowers.  

 So pretty, especially after today s rain. 

 There's one cracked egg. Truth, I had 4 cracked up eggs.

Egg Salad, Deviled Eggs?  
It's Easter so add a bite of Chocolate and you're ready to go!!!

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Swapping the Goods!

I just love when I receive a package in the mail!
I joined in Marsha's,  Flea Market Tote Swap, at
The Tattered Chick, and Marsha was my swap partner.
Looky look what she sent me!

I love the tote and everything she sent along with it. 
Doesn't it look so pretty?
I especially love the cork and pendant necklace!
Marsha, I can't thank you enough 
for making this just for me.

And since Marsha was my partner, this is what I sent her.

I'm not as talented as Marsha in tote making, but I drew on my
limited sew skills and did my best.  I included some Flea Market Goods,
and made a muslin and burlap tag that says, Flea Market Treasures, in French.
Thanks So Much Marsha, for the challenge of this swap!

 Don't forget to visit Marsha at her great blog.

Be Well!