Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hey! I'm Still doing Summer Here!

And with triple digit temps, how can we not do Summer?
But with the "Dog Days" of August here,
I see nothing but back to school ads.
Yeah, I can hear some of you...can't wait for school to start!
Which will lead to, Autumn!
Cooler degrees I hope.
I'm already seeing those black and orange 
colors popping up everywhere.
But right now, 
I'm still doing Summer here.
 Anxiously waiting to go to the
August is vacation time for us, and yeah, I know,
it's the hottest part of Summer.  Most times, to
hot to really enjoy anything...don't care!
I've been painting, 
 and trying to finish these.
I even got a little Mickey in.
It's a chalk board for baby Booge.
For when he can actually use chalk.
And I am working on some,
black and orange, because Autumn is right around the corner.

So, with August here, I am off to take advantage of the Summer sales,
I need some towels for the,
Be Well!


Faerie Moon Creations said...

How good to hear from you again, Lisa! It's been awhile. Looks like you have been enjoying summer - love those baby blues. Those pumpkin boxes look FANTASTIC!!!! Bring on October!!!!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

Hi Doll,
I luv the pumpkin figures ..they rock... big hugs sweet lady..


Jan Conwell said...

By the end of July, (and the advent of Halloween Stuff on shelves and online) I'm swinging back and forth between the love of cool autumn temps and the aggravation of commercial pushiness. :~)

I like your beachy stuff.

maddyrose said...

Have fun at the beach. Looks like the triple digit temps haven't slowed you down any. Hugs

Maggie said...

Can I go to the beach with you, please?
Love your summer art. And, those black and orange boxes?/blocks? with the pumpkin heads are really adorable.

yoborobo said...

I'm coming to the beach with you. Move over. haha. I am enjoying summer this week if it KILLS me. My new mantra. And I am making Halloween critters, too. Have a wonderful time. I love all the new pieces you've been working on! xoxo