Monday, January 28, 2013

Gott'a Color me a World.

Last week I had to run to the local Hobby/Art store.
Didn't have to, just wanted to.
When I got there I forgot what I was after, which led me wondering
around, trying to remember.

Not Good!

I still have tons to do with what I have.
But, when one sees all the new paints, pencils and
brushes, all displayed to get you to buy, buy, buy, it's
really hard.
I was a good girl and didn't buy what I already have.

This is just some of it.
So, here I go! 

I did remember what I was after before I left the store.
Didn't need it, I have it somewhere in my dis-organized mess.
But sometimes it's easier to go get a new one,
so you don't spend the whole day looking.

Damn the clutter.

Be Well!