Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter as I Color Eggs

I really don't need to color eggs, as all my babies
are out of the house.  But some things die hard.
Like the egg.
I was going to buy brown eggs and call it done.
But, I really wanted blue eggs, and I wasn't going to rob,
Robin's nest to get them.
So, white it is,

and then,

there were shades, of blues and greens.

I then realized I have had a color theme for the last 
few weeks.

I was trying to find my inspirational color when I was
painting this little guy.

I had the blue greens in mind, 
I guess.
I always gather the things of
a color, that I have in mind.

I mean, really, even the water color splotch,
on the table
is in the same shade and hue I was looking for.

Now, I'm on the hunt for a shade of lavender.
for this little Hippo.

I'm not a purple person.
And we all know, never say never.

Have a great and Happy Easter!

Be Well.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Yikes! Love it or is it...


Now, a lot of you will love this 
little dolly.  But when you're cleaning out a closet and
notice something...just not right, staring at you, from the 
corner of your vision, something, for a split little second, 
that makes your breath catch in fear.

Then, you realize that those kind of things
happen, only in the movies.  Right?

Dolly may be worn, torn, and dirty, and only a
forgotten little pretty from long long ago,
but she sure scared the begebbers (not a word)
out of me.

Be well,