Saturday, April 27, 2013

Where am I...

Oh yeah, I was playing in mache,
and got distracted. Again.

And, for a long time it seems.
Why is that?
We all know why, but really, why?

I managed to finish this little gal,
and get her shipped off.

only to realize that I made a Rhino , and not a Hippo!
My mind is gone.  Imagining what I think isn't, what is.
I'll get it fixed. 
I will.

I'm trying to conquer, Photo shop elements 11.
Won't go into that right now.

I had a problem with my sewer backing up, (glad I didn't show a photo?).
Hey, this house is over 100 year old, roots were
bound to take over sometime.

And, I'm trying to change the way we eat.
It has consumed me.  But I'm not going 
to preach to you,  what one should eat.

I am doing one moment at a time.
Not like these future friends,

trying to finish a little of each, all at once.

Oh, I'm working on a banner for this blog too.

Be well