Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gellly Roll!

       Quick doodle,

with my Gelly Roll pen.  I wanted to use 
my pen and ink nibs,

but the bottle of white ink was all dried up!

I really like the look of opaque,  white ink on dark paper.
Not saying that crayons or pencils don't work as well, I 
just like the way ink flows.
The Jelly roll pen was perfect to doodle with, and 
to doodle everyday, makes practice.

Be well!


Jan Conwell said...

I love that effect! Do you have a favorite place to purchase them?

June said...

Gosh! If that's what you call doodling, I wonder what the heck I call mine? This is art and I love it!!!! You are right about the white ink on dark paper...it is stunning Lisa!
Your photos are art too my friend. Beautiful!!!
sending love...

Priti.Lisa said...

And I loved the post below too...all the sneaky-peeks :)
That's a pretty awesome "mess"
♥ ♥ ♥