Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Fine Mess

I know I know I keep making a mess! But you see, when I mix the pulp, and use what I need, I always have some left. So begins another character! I promise they will get done.
I work well under pressure. It's not the creating of the figures that stops me, it's the painting. Some times, these fine pieces of body parts will sit, and sit, until they tell me what colors they would like to have splashed on them.
So I shall get back to creating and clean up my mess!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Was I going Blind?

I've been working on this painting, an image of children at the sea shore. I've had this image in my head for months. I am a huge, huge, huge,(did I say HUGE?), fan of Bessie Pease Gutmman, the famous artist, who captured the pure essence of children. Her images always makes my breath catch. If I could only illustrate as she did...anyway, there is no way I could ever paint as she did! But when an image triggers something in you to create, well that is what art is all about.
I have always desired to sketch, draw, paint,...children, and always told my self, who you? Yeah me, I had to try. I layed out the sketch, filled a little color in to give me guide line and started working. Of course it will change in every way so as not to actually copy her work. As with every artist, you capture an inspiration and use it to make it your own. I picked my colors, which will change through out the whole process, and began to do some light detail.
Now I know my vision isn't what it used to be, but something was diffidently going on here. I would dip my brush, and apply. Well that didn't show up, so I dipped my brush again. Nothing. Am I going blind? Is my eyesight finally going? Do I keep dipping my brush thinking it hits the paint, when it's not?
I even clean my brushes, and start over. Zip, not'ta, the paint is not going where I apply. This is serious if I can't see detail. I cleaned my brushes again, wipe off the water and put them away in the rusty tin cup I always store them in.
I decided it was time to see the eye Doc'. I looked up his number, made an appointment and felt a lot better, knowing I was going to nip this eye sight thing in the bud. I went back to my studio to tidy up, and re organize, and what did my perfect sight see? Ah Hah! It was more than my sight, it was my lovely little kitty! Apparently she has penchant for chewing on my brushes until all the fine bristles are totally chewed down to a nub!
I kept the eye appointment, because if I couldn't see that the fine hairs of the brush were gone, then it is time to bi-focal! UGH! Still can't blame the cat!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Time Fun

I've been working on these row houses, fun, fun, fun...lots of color and crayons! Now it's time for fine tuning, they need the tweak to make them POP! But what to choose? I have boxes and tubs full of great stuff, locks, knobs, ancient hinges with 100 year old rust still on them, dare I leave the rust on? I'll probably list these on Etsy, with in a week or so, but it all depends...I get lost going through all of my treasures, and get side-tracked.

Side-tracked as in painting. I started cleaning my work table and found some inspirational pictures I had tucked in a book. You know those little pieces of clippings you'll need one day? Well I found a picture that I had always wanted to paint, and started sketching the layout, and I'm obsessed with it now, so as soon as I clean the oil paint out of my finger nails and get my brushes cleaned up I'll start on Halloween.

It's a good day on Pearl Avenue