Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Time Fun

I've been working on these row houses, fun, fun, fun...lots of color and crayons! Now it's time for fine tuning, they need the tweak to make them POP! But what to choose? I have boxes and tubs full of great stuff, locks, knobs, ancient hinges with 100 year old rust still on them, dare I leave the rust on? I'll probably list these on Etsy, with in a week or so, but it all depends...I get lost going through all of my treasures, and get side-tracked.

Side-tracked as in painting. I started cleaning my work table and found some inspirational pictures I had tucked in a book. You know those little pieces of clippings you'll need one day? Well I found a picture that I had always wanted to paint, and started sketching the layout, and I'm obsessed with it now, so as soon as I clean the oil paint out of my finger nails and get my brushes cleaned up I'll start on Halloween.

It's a good day on Pearl Avenue


By Way of Salem said...

Oh I love those! They're very French looking. Like the little stores and rows of old homes along the park to the Eiffel tower. Ooh la la! Really, they're charming!

Lisa said...

Not Halloween, but who knows whats inside?