Thursday, May 26, 2011

We Are Many...

We Are One!

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article, written by
 about, Community.

Little did I know at that time, how poignant 
that article would affect my, sense of Community
in the past few days.
With the devastation that has happened in my Community,
I've watched strangers come together.
I see kindness and consideration.
I see the emotions of families,
their thankfulness,
their gratitude,
and their sorrow!
I see, the helping hands, 
the generosity, of giving.
I see the Community!
We are rich, we are poor,
we have homes built with sticks,
and homes built with marble,
but our Community is One!

So, with brick by brick, 
and hammer to nail,
maybe, just maybe, we can 
build a stronger, sense of Community.
We are Many, We are One!

Be Well!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tornado Weather....

Pre Tornado...
went from this to this...
Then to this...
and from light 
to dark, in a moments flash!
It seemed so calm, and then...
This was truly, a calm before the storm!
The calm, being, I felt completely safe during
this Tornado!
I'd asked my Husband, "are you ready to head for the basement?'
And he said, "Nawh, !"

When we saw the birds fly into our yard, and stay,
we knew we were okay!

But...I couldn't reach my daughters!
Cell phone service was the pits!
It took  me nearly 2 hours to reach contact with 
my girls...couldn't reach them so I tried to to call 
my son, who lives in Texas...couldn't reach him either!!!!!
A Mothers Panic....If I can't reach the child who should be
safe, in the heart of Texas,
away from the storm and can't even reach him, 
what am I suppose to do?
I just children to be out of harms way!
I am fortunate that, I, my Husband and my Home
are safe!
My Children are all accounted for,
my Mother, who was right in the eye,
of this twisted sister, is SAFE!
Two houses from her...was like
it didn't exist!
It's just so surreal,
that the Morning was
so pretty 
and the afternoon
Be well, to all!
Be Thankful,
And be grateful!
Could you live without, toiltet paper?
Or, even, a place to use that toilet paper?
A safe place to lay your head at night?
Amazing, what the devestion of a storm, can take away from you!
Your world as you knew it, is gone!
I am glad I don't have the tooth pick pictures to show,
I think, you can imagine!
My heart to all!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


With my baby!
Doing the Texas, Two Step!

Which, by the way, is the first dance step, that
I learned,...a long, long time ago.

When I saw this photo, that my Daughter-In-Law,
sent me, it brought back that, memory!
It's funny how an image can evoke a long forgotten memory!
But it's all those past words and experiences that makes us,
who we are today.
 It's those, silly, nonsensical, things, that we remember!
And these boots, brought back one of those long forgotten memories.

I was young, little really.  But, I remember watching
my parents our living room!
My Father took my Mother for a swirl,
and then, it was life back to normal.
But I knew I wanted to learn how to
do the swirl and  "The Texas Two Step"!
And that's when my Father, showed me how to do it! 
"It's  the easiest step",  he said.
And I've never forgotten those, two little
Texas steps,

Step, step,...
The boots, are pure Cowboy!
I identify Cowboy and the boots, with Texas!
My Son now lives in Texas!
And for a kid who grew up in New York!
Well, I think, that's quiet, a Two Step!

Just an image, and word!
Maybe, that's all it takes!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

A Rose, by any other name...
Fill you day with, Love, Laughter and lots of hugs!
Happy Mothers Day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Easiest Way To Catch A ...


Should be
But clearly, this Little Girl, has other interests!

So, I think if you go to

Laura, will tell you how to catch a Mouse!
She's having an easy peasy, Giveaway!
She'll even let you choose the Mouse, that you want!
I love Laura's creations!
All her little Mice are so little and cute!
But what really amazes me is how she can sew, so tiny!
It's a great chance to catch a Mouse,
the easy way!
Nothing squishy involved, no Yuks!
Just pop on over and enjoy 
Cobblestones Creations!

Have a great Wednesday Night!