Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feeling Blue?

Well I'm not! 

I know it's the time of year, when the Winter Blues set in.

But...Blue Skies, nothin' but blue Skies!!! 

I don't know why that the word Blue, gets a bad wrap!
Especially when it's one of the most popular, 
shade of color in the World.

The Sky,
The Water!
The egg that a Robin Bird lays!
Our Lady!
Blue Suede Shoes!
Once in a Blue Moon!
Azure, Navy, Ultramarine, Cerulean,Colbalt!
Blue Velvet!
 (Love, by the way)!

Denim, We all have Jeans!

Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, Eyes!

And, the China, the Glass,
Little Boy Blue!

It's a Boy! Blue!

I'm Not, going Political on this one!

Blue Crab,
Blue Cheese!
Blue Potato's !
Blue Popcorn!
Blue Plate Special!
Blue Blood!
True Blood?
Blue Hawaii!
Blue Tooth!

I'm so Blue!
How in the Hell could you be so Blue,
When, Life is fill with the Color of Blue?

 Just Think, It!

Is the color of Blue!

Just Think the Color of Blue!

Take a look, at what makes you Blue!

A great Big...Smile!!!!!!!

Just Imagine!!!
Winter White...Winter Blue!

A big blue...What?

What would you Imagine?

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Where do you find inspiration? 

I thought I was dead in the water...(wish I had a dead fish to show ya), 
couldn't seem to find
my momentum to create.  It's probably like, how writers feel
when they have writers block.
I felt like the pull of the planets were fighting with the tides.
I was giving up, today.
As I stepped through the door of my work space, I turned and glanced
back at all my stuff, and cursed myself!

Inspiration was everywhere...and I mean everywhere!
I didn't have to sculpt, or paint.
I didn't even have to clean up to find my space.
Inspiration was jumping out at me.
here we go!

 texture with textiles! 

 vintage memories!

How could I not find inspiration here?
I'm an idiot sometimes! 
It's as big as the nose on my face!
Not seeing the forest...
you get where I'm going!
Everywhere you look, there's inspiration.
The Sun, the Moon, the Stars!
The smell of fresh brewed coffee, 
fried chicken,
speaking of which,

I did sculpt these!
Chicken feet!
Which lead me to another inspiration today.
I made Chicken Soup!

What inspired you today?

Be well

Monday, January 23, 2012

There's a New Moon!

But you can see this one!
I've listed him in my Etsy Shop,

Please forgive the photo shots, I"m having the darnedest
time with my camera.  I have to take a 100 shots to get a few good ones. No Skills!
Still looking for a new one,
and I admit, I'm picky!
But if I'm going to shell out the green stuff, I'm going 
to make sure I get my moneys worth!!!!!
I've been so busy, doing nothing!

Yep, that takes up time!
Nothing, means, organizing, cleaning, washing, 
vacuuming, painting, cutting wood, and,
now this one is important...looking in the mirror and 
saying, " mirror mirror on the wall, where in the hell did that wrinkle come from"!!!!

Hopefully, on this night of the New Moon, 
I'm going to catch up on the blogs of friends who always, always,
stop by to see me.
Just know that I truly appreciate you all!!

I have a lot to be grateful for, Thank you!
 and be Well!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ya Gotta Have Heart!

I've been working on a Heart! 
But it's not this one,
Or this one,
Nor these!

In fact I can't show you the one I just finished,
because it's for someone, someone who can't see it yet.
But I will soon.   Well, maybe a peek!
And here's some yummy Heart,
to keep my energy up!

Have a Happy Wednesday!!!
It is Wednesday, Right?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Trust Me, I'm On top of Things!!!

At least I hope so! 

I am managing to get this Boy on the Moon, finished,
While trying to clean and purge!
I wasn't getting anywhere, until I happened upon this blog!
It was meant for me to find this blog.
I get so easily side-tracked, when I clean out the hoard.
I know to have, a pile to donate, a pile to throw out, a pile to keep...
but my piles to keep, were starting to look like a mountains..

I'll find something to do with the fabric, it's the,

piles on the floor I'm having a hard time with...one of the steps was to
clear all flat surfaces...that's why all of this is on the floor, ( but that's a flat surface too)!
I'm making space on the table.
I'm thrilled with this space, mind you, this table top is 3 ft by 5 ft!
You got it, time to throw out.
I'll always have my paints,
and glitter,
it's the stuff in between I'm getting out of here.

The blog post from Anne Marie, at An Old fashion Girl,
The 7 Steps of Highly Organized People,
is short and sweet!
Nothing complicated about it!
Just have to START!

Trust me, I'm on top of it!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tools of

an Artist! 

Whether you paint,
or Dream!

Create something today!
And smile at the happy mess you made!