Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feeling Blue?

Well I'm not! 

I know it's the time of year, when the Winter Blues set in.

But...Blue Skies, nothin' but blue Skies!!! 

I don't know why that the word Blue, gets a bad wrap!
Especially when it's one of the most popular, 
shade of color in the World.

The Sky,
The Water!
The egg that a Robin Bird lays!
Our Lady!
Blue Suede Shoes!
Once in a Blue Moon!
Azure, Navy, Ultramarine, Cerulean,Colbalt!
Blue Velvet!
 (Love, by the way)!

Denim, We all have Jeans!

Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, Eyes!

And, the China, the Glass,
Little Boy Blue!

It's a Boy! Blue!

I'm Not, going Political on this one!

Blue Crab,
Blue Cheese!
Blue Potato's !
Blue Popcorn!
Blue Plate Special!
Blue Blood!
True Blood?
Blue Hawaii!
Blue Tooth!

I'm so Blue!
How in the Hell could you be so Blue,
When, Life is fill with the Color of Blue?

 Just Think, It!

Is the color of Blue!

Just Think the Color of Blue!

Take a look, at what makes you Blue!

A great Big...Smile!!!!!!!

Just Imagine!!!
Winter White...Winter Blue!

A big blue...What?

What would you Imagine?


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

My hubby's eyes are BLUE (and sometimes green)

Great post, Lisa! Made me SMILE!


Titbelsoeur toute seule said...

I loooove blue ! and your picture as well !
funny post, I fully agree with you !
have a nice blue day (don't know how it sounds in English ;)
Here it will be white I guess...
greetings from France !

Jan Conwell said...

That was a fun post, made me think of playing with blue paint today. But you know you've used up your entire year's allotment of exclamation points, don't you?

magikalseasons said...

Beautiful blues! Blue is a fav at my house 3 boys and lots of blue. :) I am painting my first elephant ornie and he is blue.

maddyrose said...

What a fun post. I'm thinking blue right now and have decided to cut up all of my blue denim shirts and make strips for a rag rug. It's all on you that I won't have a single blue denim shirt left to wear. Just sayin....

Renee Zarate said...

Very cute post! I love blue too.
Love you input in class, signed up to follow your blog. Renee Zarate

Renee Zarate said...

I meant to say YOUR input. I can't spell tonight.

brandi said...

~and don't forget blue toilet seats...hehehe!!! blue is beautiful...reminds me of the river where i always long to be...i love this post!!! be well and much love light and bright bluest of blessings~

Ella said...

Fun post! I signed up to follow you~
Blue makes me think of the sea and sky and those little blue flowers that arrive early spring. I love blue~
I am loving our class, so glad you joined in!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Thank you for making me SMILE!!! :)